Month: September 2019

Your credit with Good Finance quicklyYour credit with Good Finance quickly

Good Finance is operated by the entity Good Finance Minicredit SL and specializes in granting loans quickly, easily and conveniently, since it can be requested without moving from the sofa. What to know about the mini-credits of Good Finance? The first mini-loan contracted with Good Finance is completely free. You can request a maximum credit […]

Do we feel good about spending money? – Maximum LoanDo we feel good about spending money? – Maximum Loan

With the requested amount of $ 6,000.00 for a period of 150 days, the total amount with all associated costs is $ 6,116.40, with EIR 8.12%, the amount of the Premium is $ 116.40 and the amount of the monthly installment is $ 1,223.28 ( 5 installments). Minimum loan repayment period: 15 days. Maximum loan […]