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It is an ancient question and a question that has been the subject of debate for many years. So, what do you think – can we feel good about spending money?

Well, let’s take a closer look, okay?


Shopping Therapy



First, the term “shopping therapy” is so called for a very good reason. Many people go to the mall to spend money when they feel a little depressed, and research has shown that one or more purchases can lift their spirits.

Think about how you feel when you buy a new piece of clothing. Buying this new T-shirt, jacket or jeans makes you more energetic in walking, which means you feel more confident and therefore feel better.

No one can deny the instant joy we feel. However, there is a catch – buying material things gives us instant gratification – a quick solution – but not a lasting sense of happiness.

As with everything else in life, moderation is essential when spending. Buying a thing may make you feel good at that moment, but frequent shopping probably won’t always give us the same level of joy.

It’s important to spend money on yourself – a new pair of shoes, a massage – but for a reason. On the other hand, not spending money on yourself when you really feel that it can give you a brief, temporary sense of happiness entails cutting yourself, which, of course, will not create a sense of joy.


The pleasure that experiences give us

The pleasure that experiences give us


When it comes to spending money, whether it is a new garment, a new phone or a new car, when you buy material things, excitement or novelty quickly loses its appeal when the item becomes part of our everyday lives.

Research has shown that spending money on experiences such as vacations, going to a restaurant with friends or going to a football game or music festival will give you a longer lasting sense of joy than spending on material things.

The joy you have felt is due to the social element – humans are social beings. When we share experiences with friends, family, or even strangers, it creates lasting memories.


Precious time

Precious time


In addition to experiences that provide a lasting sense of joy from material things, as recently published in an article on NBC, research has shown that people feel happier when saving time instead of buying things.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which people received $ 40 each for two weeks. During the first week, they had to make a physical purchase such as, for example, a shirt. During the second week, they had to spend money on something that would save them time, such as hiring someone to clean their house instead of doing it themselves. The results showed that participants felt happier when saving time than when making physical purchases.


The final conclusion is…

Research concludes that we really feel good about spending money. “Money can buy happiness if you spend it well,” says Liza Wunn, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Even though spending more money on experiences and making moments with friends and family has proven to make us happier than spending money on material things, it is okay to look for a temporary solution by occasionally going to “shopping therapy” if that’s important to you.