Your credit with Good Finance quickly

Good Finance is operated by the entity Good Finance Minicredit SL and specializes in granting loans quickly, easily and conveniently, since it can be requested without moving from the sofa.

What to know about the mini-credits of Good Finance?

What to know about the mini-credits of Good Finance?

  • The first mini-loan contracted with Good Finance is completely free. You can request a maximum credit of $ 300 if you want to take advantage of this offer.
  • From the second credit, the maximum amount to be requested will be $ 600 .
  • The minimum amount for all your credits, whether it is the first or later, is $ 50.
  • The return period will range between 7 and 30 days maximum. After that period you will have to face a commission of 1% for each day that you are late in payment. Whenever you return a credit in the time you adjusted with Good Finance, you will benefit from a 5% discount on the next loan. You can get to enjoy a maximum of 25% discount on the value of the loan.
  • You can access the loan even if you are registered on an ASNEF delinquency list , as long as you do not have more than one debt, or if it is less than $ 1,000.
  • Use a very fast verification mode, so if your request is accepted, you can have the money quickly.
  • Good Finance will contact you via SMS so it will be essential to have a mobile phone number.
  • The APR varies according to amount and term, and is indicated in the loan simulator and in the terms and conditions of the application. As an example, for a loan of 100 euros for 30 days, the commission would be 35 euros, which is equivalent to an APR of 3752%.

How do Good Finance mini-credits work?

How do Good Finance mini-credits work?

Paula has a small problem at the end of the month. He did not count on being charged for the IBI receipt and needs immediate liquidity. As it is the first time he has requested a mini-loan in Good Finance, he can only aim for $ 300 aid. He needs 250 and returns them in 7 days, as soon as he pays his payroll. Thanks to this rapid return, the next time you need financing Good Finance will grant you up to $ 600. And all without moving from each, processed online and with the money in your account quickly.




  • Up to $ 300 for new customers for free and $ 600 for already customers.
  • Immediate response.
  • You can access the loans still listed as ASNEF or RAI with debts up to $ 1,000.
  • Application and processing totally online.
  • Loyalty program with which you can get up to 25% discount.
  • Possibility of receiving the money in a few minutes.


  • Maximum amount of $ 600.
  • Annual equivalent rate (APR) variable according to the amount requested and the time it takes to return it, but can reach up to an APR of 3,752%.
  • It requires demonstrable monthly income: payroll, pension, self-employed or unemployment benefit.
  • It allows you to postpone the return for 7, 14 or 30 more days, but they charge you a commission of up to $ 156.